The scholarship of the staff is infused with deep pastoral experience, and that produces something that is very exciting for training in the ministry.


Some students are placed in contexts close to home to minimise disruption to partners and families, others within daily commuting range of the College, while others are accommodated within the College for the residential component each week. The advantage of sharing and comparing experience with colleagues training on other pathways, as well as from other contexts and, given the College’s commitment to engagement with the breadth of the Church of England, all ecclesial traditions, will make for a truly distinctive and rich formational experience.

Whether living on or off site, you will become part of the residential community for Monday to Wednesday. This is a close community made up of single and married students, families, children, pets, Sisters and staff. The Common Room is the centre of the College's social life, with a licensed bar and a busy diary of events.


On the days you are in College, you will join in the regular pattern of prayer and worship. The rhythm, simplicity and continuity of the offices provide space for prayer, worship and reflection on Scripture in an otherwise busy day.

A typical day in term time would involve 7.30am Eucharist, 9am Morning Prayer, 4.30pm Evening Prayer and 9.30pm Compline. Students are expected to attend Morning and Evening Prayer but other worship is optional. On Wednesdays at 11.45am the whole community usually gathers for a Sung Eucharist in the village church.

Students, who come from a wide diversity of traditions, are encouraged to bring variety to this pattern of worship by preparing and leading creative liturgy and worship in weekly small groups and for the whole College, usually instead of Monday's Evening Prayer.