Dominik Chmielewski

Both, Barbara and I have a Roman Catholic background, but some years ago we’ve discovered Anglicanism and found it to be a better, more exciting and more challenging way to follow Christ. It helps us to see the world in more open, positive and inclusive way.

In 2012 I planted a small Anglican Congregation in Krakow (Southern Poland) and have been serving there since then as a pastoral leader and Lay Minister, responsible for public worship, preaching, Bible studies, pastoral care, outreach and evangelism, etc. The congregation built from scratch is now over 35 members and growing.

The context of our Polish chaplaincy is very broad. It’s not a "one churchmanship” type of place, but rather a home for all Anglicans; Anglo-Catholics, evangelicals, traditional and liberal and not only Anglicans. On my College scouting trip, after my BAP, earlier this year, I had one goal, to find a place of broad range of traditions that will enable me to fully understand and appreciate the complexed beauty of Christ’s Church, to help me be more open, welcoming and inclusive in my future ministry. I believe that place is Cuddesdon.