Sam Durley

My calling came whilst I was working as a post-doctoral research scientist at the University of Oxford in the field of molecular biology, so it was a challenge both to myself and my family to side-line a developing career and move back into full-time education to pursue my calling to the priesthood. We chose to be full-time residential at Cuddesdon to help me develop a structured prayer life, immerse myself fully in theology, and enjoy and learn from a community who were all going through similar challenges.

Cuddesdon has been an incredible place to explore my vocation within the Church of England, whether that is styles of worship, breadth of theological positions on certain issues, or engaging in critical theological thinking. It has also been a wonderful place to be as a family. As such, the challenge of re-entering full-time education has been more than rewarded with a lively and engaging environment to develop my theological understanding which will, I hope, be of value to my vocation. Similarly, we have been hugely rewarded as a family by being residential in Cuddesdon by making lifelong friends and connections that hold great value and strength beyond simply being drawn together as future priests.