Ripon College Cuddesdon is delighted to participate in the Caleb Scheme. Training includes a combination of online lectures, ‘in person’ lectures and tutoring, formation groups and residential weeks/weekends.  Caleb candidates remain active within their local church while undertaking their theological study.

Formation Groups

Each candidate is part of a Formation Group, consisting of other Caleb candidates who journey together through training. Formation Groups provide a regular opportunity for prayer, mutual support, reflection, discussion and fellowship. Groups are led by a Tutor who supports each candidate and is involved with their discernment process. The Formation Group Tutor acts as the student’s primary point of academic and pastoral support during their time in College.

Formation Groups meet every Saturday, every residential weekend and during the Easter residential week, with additional online (or in person) meetings scheduled for the beginning and end of the academic year, taking the meetings to ten – equating to one formal Formation Group meeting per month of study.


The Caleb Stream follows the Common Awards framework for every module, with candidates taking the appropriate level according to their experience.  The modules fall into three broad areas:

Christ-like disciples: theological reflection, spirituality, Old Testament and New Testament

Revitalised church: worship, preaching, sacramental theology and doctrine

Transformed world: mission, ministry, evangelism and pastoral care


Students attend four residential weekends:

  • Introduction to Christian Worship (October/January)
  • Introduction to Christian Preaching (October/January)
  • Introducing Theological Reflection (December)

Developing Ministry and Mission: Preparation for Ministry (May)

Tuesday Evening Teaching

Students attend four blocks of Tuesday evening teaching, in person if possible:

  • Block 1 – Elements of Ministry and Mission
  • Block 2 – Introduction to the Bible: Old Testament
  • Block 3 – Introduction to the Bible: Gospels
  • Block 4 – Spirituality and Discipleship

Residential week

Sacramental Theology and Ministry (April)


Students attend three Saturdays, scheduled for November, February and March:

  • Introduction to Christian Doctrine
  • Pastoral Care
  • Developing Mission and Ministry: Evangelism and Community Engagement

Each day has 3-4 teaching sessions, with additional time for worship and a meeting of the Formation Group.

Expressions of Interest

We would be pleased to explore possible participation in the Caleb Stream with you. To find out more and to arrange a visit, please contact our Admissions Team at [email protected]