Welcome to Cuddesdon

Faithful worship - Eager learning - Diverse community

The Cuddesdon pathways make up a community of communities in which, through shared worship, study and fellowship, we seek to deepen discipleship and witness, and enable all to grow in faithfulness.

We rejoice in the diversity that we believe to be God’s gift to God’s Church and long to see the fulfilment of each unique vocation and the flourishing of the gifts entrusted to each.

Our shared life is characterised by regular worship, excellence in teaching, hands-on practice and

reflection, and lively social interaction. We hope that as you discern the nature and priorities of your calling, we may be able to help shape and prepare you for future ministry in whatever forms it will take.

We have a wide range of flexible training pathways, full-time and part-time, for ordained and lay ministry. We also offer bespoke programmes for independent students and sabbatical opportunities for further study.

Please talk to us to see how what we offer might be a fit for you.

Bishop Humphrey Southern, Principal

Bishop Humphrey Southern, Principal

Cuddesdon Pathways

Full-time training
Our rural setting allows for a strong sense of community, which becomes an inseparable part of training for ordained ministry as we live, pray, study and eat together.
Part-time training
Flexibility to train alongside other commitments of work or family, with the wide range of resources of Cuddesdon available.
Cuddesdon Gloucester & Hereford
Part-time training for ordinands, Readers-in-training and independent students at centres in Gloucester and Ludlow.
ICM Ludlow
Introduction to Christian Ministry
A one-year course designed for lay leaders offered at Gloucester and Ludlow in partnership with the host dioceses.
Part-Time (Accelerated)
Part-time students at Cuddesdon who have additional time available for more intensive study can complete training in two years.
Context-based Pathway
Combining the structure and community formation of full-time training with experience in a local context.