In partnership with the Growing Faith Foundation

17th January 2024

We are excited to have partnered with The Growing Faith Foundation to host a research conference called "A Time to Plant and a Time to Uproot" at Cuddesdon on 29th-30th May 2024.

The conference aims to share valuable, cutting-edge research in the field of children and youth mission and ministry in ways that are accessible to a diverse range of learners. We will hear from key speakers who are actively engaged in theological research and practical ministry in this area and will learn to reflect theologically in small groups on what we hear. There will be the chance to watch an artist interpreting the talks. There will be sessions to explore research findings that interest you through visual posters and one to one discussion with researchers. And of course there will be the opportunity to learn from each other, to worship together and enjoy fellowship over meals and a drink or two in the evening.

Growing Faith is the movement that exists to change the culture of the Church of England so that everyone instinctively puts children and young people at the heart of all we do as a church. The Foundation is effecting culture change through prayer, Hubs, Networks, Programmes, and Research.

For the Programme and to Book, please click here.