Steve Hilton

I’m a two-year ordinand studying for the Oxford University MTh and enjoying the great outdoors at Cuddesdon. I’d been in PR and communications in London for 15 years mainly in property and financial/professional services, and there’s no doubt returning to full-time education and moving our whole family has been challenging at times. Formation for any type of ministry is not easy but being at Cuddesdon has allowed me to grow and test my calling by exploring what sort of priest I hope to be.

Some folk talk about formation being in cooperation with the Holy Spirit. That’s not my experience. I believe God wants the best for all of us – the best version of ourselves. Time at Cuddesdon has allowed me to reflect upon what that might mean now and in our future ministry. For me, this exploring has been built on the daily round of corporate prayer and the Eucharist, investing time in our common life and taking time for retreat and spiritual direction. Residential training isn’t easy and not always fun, but I think it really does help build the discipline and resilience for future years.