Ollie Blease

I realised quite quickly that Ripon College Cuddesdon had become home for me. I understand now that so much of ordained ministry is based entirely on discovering and maintaining good relationships, and training at Cuddesdon gave me the best possible start in preparation for this. Living in the Oxfordshire countryside in a beautiful village meant that I had time and space to go walking and to enjoy the open scenery of the college grounds and surrounding area. The college fosters a strong sense of community and diversity, families and single students of all ages and backgrounds walking together on a continuing journey of discernment.

It was wonderful to return to an academic course. Having world-renowned lecturers and experts in their field on the staff was a significant advantage and made studies a real joy. I felt nourished in my prayer life throughout my time at Cuddesdon, enjoying the spiritual accompaniment of the Religious Sisters who lived and worshipped alongside us. One of the best things about Cuddesdon was the sheer breadth of traditions present in the life of the college: everyone is welcome at the table at Cuddesdon.