Liz Yonge

I have four children aged 5-13 and decided part-time study would be the best option for our family as it would minimise disruption to schooling and my husband’s career. I was keen to ensure flexibility didn’t threaten the quality of my education and short-listed Cuddesdon as it has a reputation for academic rigour, with excellent tutors that are often published specialists in their areas. At my Open Day I discovered it offers much more than academics: it extends a real invitation to join a community which learns, eats, and worships together, challenging and supporting each other as all the best families do. 

The College were brilliant at creating a study-path that suited my circumstances and which challenges rather than overwhelms me. My fellow students are amazing and undoubtedly life-long friends. Staying overnight gives me vital space to think and has been a great experience for my husband, who now makes a mean spaghetti bolognese and has mastered the school run! 

I have come to relish my time here, being intellectually refreshed each week in an environment that encourages ‘both/and’ thinking - inspiring us to use scripture, doctrine, reason, and our own experience to consider all sides of an argument; recognising the unconscious bias we all bring. This equips us to engage positively with those who may hold differing opinions to our own. 

I am also spiritually nurtured through amazing worship that reflects the multivalency of the Anglican church. I now cherish music, prayers and traditions that were previously unfamiliar, and which will undoubtedly enhance my future ministry. Each time I drive to College through the beautiful countryside, I feel closer to God and truly blessed to be here.